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Smoky Sunsets
Mineral King, 8/1/18
Central CA 7/18
Central CA/OR 7/18
Epic Sunset
Sunrise to Sunset 1
Sunrise to Sunset 2
Springtime! (1)
Springtime! (2)
Carrizo Plain, Feb. '18 (I)
Carrizo Plain, Feb. '18 (II)
Carrizo Plain Sunrise
Central CA Fall
Los Padres NF Fall
Eastern Sierra Fall, Day 3
Eastern Sierra Fall, Day 2a
Eastern Sierra Fall Day 2b
Eastern Sierra Fall, Day 1a
Eastern Sierra Fall Day 1b
Tetons, 1950's
Pinnacles, 60s and 70s
Archived Pages

Here are pages of photos from years past. Enjoy browsing through them.

SLO County, Aug/Sept '17

Courtright Reservoir

Eastern Sierra 6/17 III

Eastern Sierra 6/17 II

Eastern Sierra 6/17 I

Vineyards, Flowers, and Streams

Carrizo Plain Storm 1

Carrizo Plain Storm 2


Carrizo/Temblor Flowers I

Carrizo/Temblor Flowers II

Carrizo Plain Flowers III

Carrizo Plain Flowers II

Carrizo Plain Flowers I

Eastern Sierra I

Eastern Sierra II

North SLO County

Sunsets, Lakes, Waterfalls

Vail, CO

Central CA Storms

USS Midway

Soda Lake/Central CA

Eastern Nevada

Central Coast Fall

Grand Canyon

Sierra to Sedona

Mineral King 9/16

Marinas and Mountains

Mineral King (Sequoia NP)

Kings Canyon NP


Crepuscular Rays/Streams

Death Valley/Mt. Whitney 1

Death Valley/Mt. Whitney 2

Central CA 3/16

Central Coast Spring

Santa Rosa Creek

Carrizo Plain Flowers

Death Valley 3/16

Death Valley 3/16 II

Sierra Snowstorm

Sierra Snowstorm II

Carrizo Plain, Winter '17

Bishop Area, Jan '16

Bishop Area II Jan '16

Independence Hall/NYC

NYC/Poconos of PA

Niagara Falls/Newtown Battlefield

Monticello/WA D.C.

Central Coast, 12/15-1/16

White Mountains

Bishop/Lone Pine/Carrizo Plain

Sunrises and Sunsets

Carrizo Plain NM

Air to Air and Supercars

Courtright Area

Soda Lake Sunset

Central California

Death Valley/Red Rock Canyon

Death Valley

Carrizo Plain/Santa Cruz Mtns.

Sunsets and Storms

Rainbows and Aerials


Highway 88

San Luis Bay/North Coast

Cayucos/San Luis Bay

Pismo Beach

High Sierra Fly-in

Eastern Sierra 2014

Concorso Italiano


SLO County HDR

SLO County HDR 2

Horse, sunsets, and t-storms 1

Horses, Sunsets, and T-storms 2

Central Coast Spring

Palm Tree and Sunset

Crater Lake/Bristlecones

Death Valley Aerials

North Peak 1

North Peak 2

Grand Canyon Aerials

John Gill/Peter Croft

Bishop Area 3/31/13

Bighorn Sheep, etc.

Beyond the Sierra Nevada



SLO County Aerials

CA's Central Coast

Mineral King

Sierra Nevada

Summer 2012 Images/MT-WY

Michigan, Fall 2012

Sierra Aerials 1

Sierra Aerials 2

October in the Sierra 1

October in the Sierra 2