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John Gill/Peter Croft

Smoky Sunsets
Mineral King, 8/1/18
Central CA 7/18
Central CA/OR 7/18
Epic Sunset
Sunrise to Sunset 1
Sunrise to Sunset 2
Springtime! (1)
Springtime! (2)
Carrizo Plain, Feb. '18 (I)
Carrizo Plain, Feb. '18 (II)
Carrizo Plain Sunrise
Central CA Fall
Los Padres NF Fall
Eastern Sierra Fall, Day 3
Eastern Sierra Fall, Day 2a
Eastern Sierra Fall Day 2b
Eastern Sierra Fall, Day 1a
Eastern Sierra Fall Day 1b
Tetons, 1950's
Pinnacles, 60s and 70s
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I have been fortunate enough to spend some time with John Gill on what is turning into an annual trip to Bishop. Peter Croft joined us on one outing to the Happy Boulders. Two more humble, down-to-earth gentlemen you will never meet!

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92.Peter Croft at the Happy Boulders

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Croft and Gill

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93.Peter Croft and John Gill, two legends at work

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L to R, Dorothy and John Gill, Dad, Bishop-October, '02

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91.John Gill at the Happy Boulders, October '02

More to come as I get them scanned in the future.